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⚔ Paimon
Louis | ???
Weak: Nuclear | Strong: Psy

Bash (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage on one enemy.)
Psi (Inflicts a small amount of Psy damage on one enemy.)

Tarukaja (Doubles an ally's Attack power.)
Rakukaja (Doubles an ally's Defense.)
Sukukaja (Doubles an ally's Speed.)

Dia (Recovers a small amount of HP to one ally.)

Heartful Cry (Quadruples all allies' Attack & Speed, but all users now have the Poison status apart from the caster (2 turns))

Dodge (Doubles evasion against attacks.)
Reinforced (25% less chance to succumb to status effects)
Stone Feet (25% less chance to be knocked down from a knockdown or a critical hit)
Demonic Ritual (Healing spells recover 25% more HP.)

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May. 12th, 2017 01:04 pm
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Professor Louis Cornett

If you need help with your homework, you should find me in person.
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I will make this fancy later.

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Name: GrayGriffin/Gray
Journal: [personal profile] graygriffin
Contact information: Email:
Other characters: None
Do you need an invite code? No
Do you want a buddy? Can I decide later?


Name: Louis
Age: 9, approximate equivalence is 30
Subject taught: Music
Canon: The Trumpet of the Swan
Canon point: After the end of the book

If you had to describe Louis in one word, that word would be "determined." Determined to learn how to read and write, determined to clear his father's debt, determined to win Serena for his bride. However, through observation of this determination, another constant can be seen-love. Louis is often at his most determined when it involves those he loves, whether in a familial, friendly, or romantic way. Try to hurt someone he loves, and you will learn just how dangerous swans can be!

However, Louis is not vindictive or cruel. Once he's beaten someone once, he won't feel the need to go after them again, unless they continue to try and hurt those he loves. And when someone is in trouble, even if they have hurt him in the past, he will still try to help them. Overall, he's a kind-hearted creature.

Louis possesses a strong sense of right and wrong. He will do his best to make up for any wrongs inflicted by him, or even his family, and when he makes a promise, he will keep it. He is absolutely honest, and when confronted with something he feels is unfair, will speak up and say so-metaphorically speaking, of course.

Despite being a swan, Louis now understands quite a bit about humans. As a matter of fact, he gets along a bit better with humans than with swans, his own family excluded.

Louis doesn't mind being mute anymore. He was never really shunned for this disability, and he now has his trumpet to give him a voice, as well as his writing slate to communicate with humans. Both of these possessions are highly important to him, both because of the advantages they give him and because they were gifts from people he loved.

Name: Voice of the Voiceless

Form: A trumpet

  • Status: Sleep
  • Flight
  • Reveille: An invigorating melody that gives a large boost to agility and vitality. Can only be used once per battle.
  • Call of the Wild: A wild cry that gives a large boost to strength and offense. Can only be used once per battle.
  • Element: Light

Lost memories:
  • How to play his trumpet
  • Any memory of meeting Sam Beaver after sending him off at the airport
  • Chalk isn't waterproof
  • How to count
  • How to use money
  • The voices of everyone he knows
  • The song he composed for Serena
  • Lead pellets aren't edible
  • How to fly
  • Having to convince the zookeeper to let Serena go

Raks: 52
Louis slowly lifted his head out from under his wing, and then started. This was not the lake at all. It wasn't anywhere he knew-all he saw was gray. If he squinted, he could make out what might be walls, but as soon as he focused too hard on them, they melted away again.

"Hello, Louis."

He started. Who was speaking to him, and where was the voice coming from? He couldn't even write out a question, since there was obviously no one to see it. And then, when he tried to move his head to try at least, he realized he was completely paralyzed. However, there were other changes as well-his surroundings were becoming less blurry, and there was a floor beneath his feet. And now the voice was coming from in front of him-directly in front, as if coming from something his own height. Another Trumpeter Swan?

"Are you ready? Please step forward." He twitched one wing, and realized that his movement had returned. Cautiously, he took one step forward. The voice spoke again, almost as if it was encouraging him.

"Every journey begins somewhere. You have taken the first step towards Utopia." That last word meant nothing to him, but the voice said it with an almost tangible reverence. His surroundings were taking on a more definite shape now, and he could see a door before him. What was he supposed to do with it? Exit it, he supposed. But where would it lead to?

It can't be worse than this blank room, he thought, trying to keep his own morale up. Releasing a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding, he opened the door and stepped through.

The scene before him was one of stunning beauty. A brilliant lake lay spread out before him, reflecting a cloudless sky full of stars. The banks were covered with just the right amount of soft green moss. And trees that stretched towards the heavens surrounded it.

However, there was one thing that should not be-his shadow, stretching out before him, was smiling, a beak-splitting grin that shouldn't even be possible for a swan.

"Do not be afraid," it said. "I am here to help you." The movement of its beak was distinctly un-swanlike, more like a human with unnaturally stretched lips.

Louis waited, but it said nothing more. Hesitantly, he took a step toward the lake. The shadow followed, as it should, but the gash in its beak remained. Slowly, Louis' walk broke into a clumsy run, and he dove into the lake and began paddling.

It was exquisite. He made several circles, pointedly ignoring the shadow that seemed to be getting larger and darker. However, when he finally stepped out of the lake, something stepped out beside him. It looked almost exactly like him in shape, but was made of darkness, still bearing the un-swanlike grin. And now it turned to look at him directly.

"Will you fight?"

Louis couldn't believe his ears. Fight? Why would he want to fight? Couldn't he just get along with whoever he was supposed to fight? However, the voice continued.

"To fight is the only way to achieve victory, you know. The only way to achieve Utopia."

Utopia. There was that word again. But what did it mean? Louis didn't want this. He wanted to go home, back to his family. But the shadow continued to speak, telling him of the rewards that lay just out of his grasp, telling him that it would only be through battle that he found a way back, and finally he found himself nodding.

"The pact is made. I am yours." The voice had become deeper, sounding like several voices speaking together. The shadow reached out its webbed right foot-for the first time Louis noted that it even had slits in said foot, like he did-and grasped his, pulling it forward. Its breast was beginning to glow, and it spoke once more.

"Draw your weapon." Almost instinctively, Louis reached into the glow, and what he drew out was a familiar shape. A trumpet. But it was more than the trumpet he played to give himself a voice. He could feel that it was part of him, part of his soul.

Before he could contemplate this further, though, he heard the sound of padding feet, and a shape began to approach. A fox, but larger than any fox he had ever seen. This one towered over even him. The shadow, however, seemed not to notice the beast approaching, and continued to speak.

"This is you. A power that dwells within you and within everyone." The fox drew closer, until Louis could almost see the drool dripping from its jaws, and had already turned to face it, but the shadow continued to speak.

"Its name is Voice of the Voiceless."

And then the fox pounced. Louis lifted the trumpet to his beak, but suddenly realized that he did not know how to play it. But had he not played well enough to become famous? Had he not played well enough to win Serena? Yet that knowledge had vanished, somehow. Desperate, he did something that he had never done before-he raised the trumpet and bashed the fox's head with it. It reeled, and he continued to fight one-footed, using his wings for balance and his trumpet as a bludgeon. Each time the fox tried to get closer, to use its teeth, he jabbed at its eyes with his beak. Finally, it collapsed, and then began to dissolve, until nothing but smoke was left. Several round metal objects fell at his feet.

"You kept your vow. In payment, take those coins." Louis did so, despite the fact that he had no idea what "coins" were, or what there purpose was. But it felt right, to do so. Now the shadow was walking on, leading for the first time, and Louis found himself following. Now they had reached a building, which both of them entered. There were boards hung up in the building, with names of strange items, followed by odd symbols, followed by the word "Raks." What could this all mean?

Not only that, but it seemed that there was already someone else in the building. Actually, two someones. One was a stooped creature that vaguely resembled a human, if it had been deformed severely, and the other was a vague, hazy shape, less solid than the shadow at Louis' side.

"A memory? That’ll be forty Raks." None of the last part of that sentence made sense to Louis. However, it must have made sense to the shape, as it placed some items like the ones that had fallen from the fox's body on the table between the two creatures, and then walked out the door. To Louis' shock, as soon as it stepped over the threshold, it vanished.

A memory? What did that mean? And what was the purpose of what had just happened? However, the shadow was nodding at Louis now, and he found himself walking forward, gesturing with his beak to the part of the board that said "Memory Charm."

"Sixty Raks for a memory charm," the hunched creature said. The shadow now pointed to the objects Louis still held. He handed them over without hesitation, and the creature, looking surprised for some reason, slipped a small charm over to Louis. He picked it up, still confused.

"It goes on the chain round your neck," said the shadow, still smiling. Louis felt at his neck, and realized that there was, indeed, a chain there that he hadn't noticed before. However, before he could actually clip the charm on, he heard another voice. Or another set of voices, that sounded somewhat like they were singing. The shadow joined in with their recitation, even as he stood, still confused.

"This is a very simple story that everyone knows. A legend of a Princess, the Demon Lord who kidnapped her, and the Knight who fought to save her.

"The Demon Lord had kidnapped the Princess countless times, but every time the Knight bested his challenges and rescued the Princess.

"No matter what tricks and ploys the Demon Lord used, the Knight would always triumph in the end..."

And then another voice, much louder, drowned out all the rest, and everything seemed to dissolve around him. He felt the vague sensation of being on a hard seat of some sort, and he was being jostled, as if the seat was moving.

"Next stop: Rakuen Station. This train terminates here. All change..."


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